About NewsHeater

Our goal at Newsheater is to keep investors updated on the market from a long-term and short term investment perspective. Our stock market news is different from that of our competitors. We focus on the fundamental business aspects of smaller, less popular, and micro-cap stocks, with a focus on stocks trading pre, post, and intra-day. Our analysis is always based on the financial data available, and we hold no financial stake in any of the stocks we cover. Our objective is to provide fair and accurate coverage to all and not to favor or criticize anyone for monetary gain.

Newsheater was founded in Dec 2018. New Heater was designed to cover the technical side of the stock market. How do we assist traders and investors? We try to make our content easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to follow. If you’re not Warren Buffet, you can still understand it. Our content is simplified to allow beginners to understand complex issues without being discouraged.