Positive Momentum: HeartBeam (BEAT) Stock Sees Significant Upswing

HeartBeam, Inc. (NASDAQ: BEAT) witnessed a bullish trajectory in its stock performance during the preceding trading session, marking a notable surge of 26.54% to reach a closing price of $2.05. This remarkable upswing in HeartBeam’s shares was attributed to the announcement of two new patents received on the preceding day.

HeartBeam (BEAT) has secured two recent patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its fundamental vector electrocardiography (VECG) technology. The core VECG technology developed by HeartBeam is meticulously tailored for application in portable and patient-friendly devices, including a system as compact as a credit card, an extended wear patch, or a wristwatch. These innovations empower healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients and discern cardiac health trends beyond the confines of traditional medical settings.

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The approval of these new patents underscores BEAT’s strategic commitment to nurturing and safeguarding its groundbreaking VECG technology and product pipeline, thereby pioneering a paradigm shift in the delivery of cardiac care in the years to come.

The first patent, titled “Mobile three-lead cardiac monitoring device and method for automated diagnostics,” encompasses apparatuses and methodologies that streamline the comparison of cardiac signals over time, facilitating automated or assisted detection of heart attacks, or Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI).

The second patent, titled “Apparatus for generating an electrocardiogram,” encompasses methodologies and apparatuses pertaining to HeartBeam’s wrist-based ECG system. This marks the second patent associated with HeartBeam’s wristwatch concept, integrating a continuous ECG monitor with the capability to capture a high-sensitivity 12-lead ECG—all encapsulated within a singular wrist-worn device.

In addition to the 14 issued and authorized US patents and 4 international patents, HeartBeam boasts 20 pending patent applications globally. These patents encapsulate the fundamental innovations in HeartBeam’s VECG technology, as well as the diverse applications across its product spectrum, encompassing patient-carried devices (HeartBeam AIMIGo), continuous monitors (LIVMOR), extended wear patches, and wristwatch-based 12-lead ECGs.

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