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What Is Causing Perfect Corp. (PERF) Stock to Rise 23% Today?

Following the release of a noteworthy report, Perfect Corp. (NYSE: PERF) shares were up 23.07% at $10.99 at the time of our last check in active trade.

What study has PERF revealed?

The Rise of AI Skin Technology, the most recent Global Beauty Trend Report from Perfect Corp. (PERF), was issued this week. The article delves into recent research by Dr. Steven R. Feldman, professor of dermatology at Wake Forest School of Medicine, and examines the rising public interest in skin health. The study’s results are examined in-depth in the paper to show why AI Skin technology is an accurate, affordable consultation option for dermatological and medical spa businesses.

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What revelation has that report made?

According to the survey, consumer interest in skincare and skin health has increased dramatically in recent years, with many people giving skincare routines top priority as an essential part of well-being. During the Covid-19 epidemic, when many people stayed at home and turned to skincare routines as a method to reduce stress and engage in self-care, this tendency was exacerbated. As a result, interest in AI skin technology and digital tools for skin examination has substantially grown. The skin score quiz on the YouCam Makeup app by Perfect Corp. had over 19 million interactions in 2022 alone as users sought to learn more about their skin and the items required to address their specific skin issues.

What served as the report’s foundation?

The research, conducted by Dr. Steven Feldman, compared Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology against clinical imaging systems and physician skin evaluations, and the results are examined in the paper. The study established the accuracy of Perfect Corp.’s AI Skin technology as a tool for conducting skin assessments in clinical settings, opening the door for the technology to revolutionize the way dermatologists and medical spa providers conduct skin evaluations in clinical settings.

How will that report benefit PERF?

The most recent Global Beauty Trend Report examines how consumer interest in skincare is changing as well as the significant impacts AI skin technology is having on this market. This will ultimately benefit Perfect Corp (PERF) as the technology enhances the customer experience for dermatology and medical spa service providers, according to a recent Wake Forest University study that highlights the advantages of AI technology in providing accurate skin assessments across industries. As the need for precision skin technology grows, PERF’s AI Skin Analysis technology has become a ground-breaking tool that has assisted leading skincare firms in making customized product suggestions to clients based on their unique skin issues.