Extreme Networks Inc. (EXTR) Stock: Worth Taking a Bite?

Extreme Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: EXTR), a maker of network solutions, is up 39% year to year and continues to announce improvements for next-generation wireless networks. On August 29, EXTR was trading at $15.35.

EXTR has released the market’s first outdoor Wi-Fi 6E hotspot. It may be placed in public settings where a big network capacity is required, such as hospitals and university campuses, as well as in outdoor spaces such as stadiums.

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The new AP5050 gadget uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard and, above all, may deliver new services such as online betting apps in stadiums during games.

As more enterprises want high-speed connectivity and additional connections for user devices and IoT solutions, the demand for such equipment is increasing. Wi-Fi 6 offers a wider frequency range and is better suited for areas where several users require quick access.

Outdoor Wi-Fi networks can be installed permanently or temporarily, for example, at festivals. Furthermore, Extreme Networks Inc. (EXTR)’s target market consists of industrial firms that are implementing new automation solutions.

As a result, Extreme Networks Inc. (EXTR) monitors worldwide digital transformation trends. Furthermore, in its market category (wireless communications and network devices), the firm is a technical leader and one of the first to bring new generation equipment to market. Against this backdrop, despite the reduction in indexes in 2022, EXTR prices continued to rise.

Looking at the price potential of the EXTR stock, the business has to grow by -13.01% before it can dip below its median price objective of $16.50. To evaluate the stock’s direction, its 50-day moving average is $11.71, and its 200-day moving average is $11.93.

With liquidity being so important in the stock market, EXTR has around 129.91M shares outstanding, with 126.20 million of its float regularly trading. The price of EXTR recently increased by 4.21% in five days, with a 0.63 average true range (ATR). The stock presently has a beta of 2.13 and an RSI of 62.00.

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