Taking a look at progress towards breakeven: VMware, Inc. (VMW)

New data protection tools launched by VMware, Inc. (VMW) this week are aimed at the most popular corporate IT segments. Consequently, VMware expects its ecosystem to be more attractive and profitable in the future.

Virtual machines are now better secured with VMware’s protections for containers, cloud environments, and Kubernetes. Containers are software packages that don’t require an IP address and can work separately or together. A container takes up less space than virtual machines and starts faster. Kubernetes, on the other hand, is a system for managing and automating the deployment and scaling of containers.

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For day-to-day tasks, many companies and non-profits use Kubernetes and containers. In Europe, they also play a crucial role in the company’s cloud migration, set to accelerate in 2020. Gartner claims that more than 85 % of companies worldwide will be using containers by 2025, up from less than 35 % by 2019.

Due to these factors, containers’ cybersecurity issue is becoming increasingly relevant, and it is challenging to resolve this problem in multi-cloud environments. VMware, Inc.’s (VMW) new tools enable you to check containers, Kubernetes configuration files early in development and proactively patch vulnerabilities.

During the last trading session, VMware, Inc. (VMW) stock decreased -0.66% to close at $152.56. During the past 100 days, shares decreased by 0.69 million, below the daily average of 1.4 million shares. The shares of VMW have gained 1.40% over the last five days, while up 5.67% over the past month. Furthermore, the company is currently trading at a price-to-earnings ratio of 31.37 and a price to book ratio of 7.08, and its price-to-cash flow ratio stands at 15.48.

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