Quarterly Results: Snap (SNAP), Pinterest (PINS) Risen, T-Mobile (TMUS) Fallen

Snap Inc. (SNAP) rose to $63.64, up +9.14 percent. The California parent company of Snapchat posted better-than-expected fourth-quarter results, but the group needs to be vigilant. Revenues in the fourth quarter were $911 million, up 62% from a consensus of $856 million. Per-share, quarterly consolidated earnings were 9 cents, relative to a consensus of 7 cents. The number of daily active users rose to 265 million by 22 percent year-on-year, with growth well spread across the zones. The consensus amounted to 258 million. The net quarterly loss was reduced to $113 million or 8 cents per share. Guidance in the quarter ranged from $720 million to $740 million in revenue, compared to $462 million a year ago and 705 million by consensus. The company cites challenges for 2021, noting threats to advertisement development in the face of new data collection regulations from Apple in particular.

Pinterest, Inc. (PINS) rose to $81.96, up +5.29 percent. Adjusted earnings per share for the three months were posted by the U.S. photo-sharing social network at 43 cents, compared to a consensus of 32 cents. Just 12 cents a year ago was this EPS. Revenues were $706 million, compared to $400 million at the same period about one year ago. Hence, the quarter was especially good, with operation growth of 76 percent. $646 million was the sales consensus. The group has recovered as an extra 100 million active users per month remained attached to its platform in 2020, a record set by CEO and co-founder Ben Silbermann.

T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS) dropped -4.07% to $125.28. For its fiscal fourth quarter, T-Mobile posted adjusted earnings per share of $1.03, almost twice the consensus, up from 87 cents a year ago. In the year ending December 2020, the U.S. telecom operator posted sales of $20.34 billion, 2% higher than consensus, up from $11.9 billion a year ago. The group reports that costs have raised particularly those linked to the merger with Sprint. Consolidated net quarterly earnings were $750 million or 60 cents per share.

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