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Is F5 Networks Inc (FFIV) Undervalued?

The F5 Networks Inc (FFIV) hardware and software company upgrades its business through ‎acquisitions. These quarterly results prove that modernization is a success. The FFIV stock ‎has also made a 10.84% gain in the past month, 48.53% gain in three months, and 38.55% ‎gain in six months. FFIV volatility measured by a single week was 2.62%, while month ‎volatility was 2.80%. ‎

Over the years, F5 has been known as an established manufacturer of filtering and routing ‎hardware that enables servers to distribute inbound traffic throughout the network to ‎optimize performance. F5 has seen the demand for its hardware decline due to the swift ‎adoption of cloud storage. It prompted F5 Networks to transition from hardware solutions to ‎software solutions. One element of the portfolio is the acquisition of businesses, among ‎several others. ‎

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F5 Networks bought NGINX at the beginning of 2019 to bring cloud-based solutions to its ‎application load-balancing solution. That same year, F5 Networks partnered with cloud-‎based cloud security provider Shape Security to integrate features such as fraud detection. ‎To facilitate easy development, deployment, and security of applications across multiple ‎clouds, F5 Networks announced it would spend $500 million to acquire Volterra. ‎

Consequently, F5 Networks Inc (FFIV) is growing rapidly in the software sector. The ‎company’s total revenue in the quarter ended December 31, 2020, increased by 10% year ‎over year, and its software revenues increased by 70%, to $111 million. In other words, the ‎software portion of total revenues grew from 11% to 18% at F5 Networks.‎

F5 Networks Inc (FFIV) increased its revenue as well by providing hybrid cloud technologies. ‎During the past quarter, sales of $179 million increased 5% over the prior-year period. ‎Hybrid clouds are preferred by enterprises to remain flexible and support a mix of on-‎premises and cloud applications. ‎

Therefore, the F5 Networks Inc (FFIV) hybrid cloud business is expected to remain a healthy ‎pick for enterprises on a medium-term basis. Consequently, the company strengthens its ‎position as a leading supplier of equipment and software for the operation of Internet ‎networks. The company continues to be a well-known seller of hardware, and at the same ‎time, it strengthens its expertise in the software sector.‎

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