Boeing Cutting Productions and Looking Towards Small Aircraft To Grow Immediately

Owing to difficulties with the 737 MAX aircraft, as well as due to limited air traffic since the pandemic, the last few years have been tough for one of the biggest aircraft suppliers, The Boeing Group (BA). In trading over the past year, BA shares have fallen more than 37 percent. But some analysts expect in future years that the business will return to success.
Even before the pandemic, when Boeing 737 MAX aircraft flights were halted in May 2019, problems at Boeing began. The corporation invested millions of dollars to repair the found faults and restore the aircraft to fly again. After getting a go-ahead for Boeing 737 MAX by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing quickly announced a mass order from one of its most valuable customers. The business, however, still has several such liners, the fate of which is not currently known.
The return of the Boeing 737 MAX to flight is highly significant for the group as 78 percent of its pending orders of 4,240 aircraft are accounted for by various models of the 737 and most of these orders are for the MAX variant. For potential orders based on list costs, this reflects more than $300 billion.
However, owing to the pandemic, Boeing cut its outlook for overall exports by 10 percent over the next decade, while it expects a potential demand boost, so it kept its 20-year projection steady.
During the crisis with the 737 MAX, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which generated the requisite sales in 2019, is still going through tough times. Boeing announced plans to shutter one of its two 787 assembly lines in early October and is cutting capacity from 14 aircraft a month to five.
International flight recovery and higher demand for big Boeing airliners do not take place until 2022. Boeing should, however, count on the need for small aircraft all this time. Air carriers are expected to be heavily concentrated on domestic travel when we come out of the pandemic era, which will again boost the need for small aircraft. The demand for international flights will only, over time, revive confidence in the Boeing 787 and Boeing 777. At the moment, however, Boeing’s main emphasis is on reducing, rather than increasing, production.
At trading on January 14, The Boeing Company (BA) stock was worth $207.21.

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