Software Developer Zuora (ZUO) Could Drive Growth This Year

App provider Zuora Inc. (ZUO) recently reported that Siemens Healthineers, a medical ‎corporation that owns a vast variety of medical technology, has incorporated its offerings in the ‎ecosystem.‎

Zuora will offer Siemens Healthineers its Zuora Billing and Zuora Sales solutions. Siemens ‎Healthineers has over 120 years of service to date and 18,500 patients around the world. Zuora ‎technologies would implement innovative market efficiency management techniques, as well ‎as tools for the marketing of subscription services. For this reason, Siemens Healthineers plans ‎to shift a considerable portion of its digital services portfolio to subscription, and technical ‎assistance from Zuora has been chosen.‎

The introduction of cloud-based data storage and artificial intelligence (AI) has allowed medical ‎technology innovations. That model has been at the forefront of Siemens Healthineers as it ‎improves organizational productivity while optimizing patient outcomes.‎

The automation of the method of turning orders into revenues with Zuora solutions has already ‎brought major advantages, according to Siemens Healthineers. The number of manual ‎operations has also been decreased by more than 60%, and the processing time of the resulting ‎data has been reduced by around 75%.‎

A common development in the IT industry is the selling of services by subscription. With the ‎help of a subscription, many enterprises hope to get a stable cash flow and the necessary ‎monetization versatility.‎
The major applications for Zuora are: Zuora Billing for subscription processing, and Zuora Rev ‎for automation of revenue control and accounting for subscription income. Zuora also provides ‎tools to help simplify the processes of setting up a contract, pricing, and payment processing.‎

Zuora, Inc. (ZUO) was though down -1.28% to $13.93 on Thursday, but was stable at 0.98 ‎percent over the past week. The gain over the past month reaches to more than 20 percent ‎whereas the performance over the past year dropped to about 5 percent. ‎

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